If you’ve been enamored by some of the apps on the brand new HTC One M8 but don’t want to switch phones just for that, then there is a sliver of hope for you. Over at XDA, the process of extracting the said apps and libraries has been started, in the hopes of someday making them available to other devices as well.

This process has somewhat been made easier by the fact that HTC pushed some of its apps to Google Play Store. The implied purpose is to make updates easier for HTC to roll out and make available for their line of devices. It was probably never intended that someone would download those and try to make them available for other audiences, though that was definitely part of the risk.

The Sense 6 apps include Blinkfeed, Zoe, Gallery, Sense TV, and their required libraries. Of course, these apps are far from being universal Android apps and it is likely they may never be. Apps for the Xperia Z2 have similarly been extracted and ported but only work on Sony Xperia smartphones. The process, however, is still in the early stages and can still progress further than that.

Right now, not everything is working. The HTC Service Pack and Sense TV are marked as working but the rest aren’t. These apps aren’t ported yet and are provided as is and may or may not even install. Of course, they all work an an HTC One M8 but installing these apps this way requires root access.



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