We’re curious: do you routinely worry about knives and hammers coming into contact with your smartphone? Are there instances wherein you have an 8-inch Wusthof chef’s knife in the pocket of your skinny jeans — the same pocket as your smartphone? Do you gently wield hammers at your desk? If so, you need to watch this video.

As they do, the team at TechSmartt did something that maybe wasn’t so smart. While entertaining, and done to prove a point, taking a knife to a smartphone likely isn’t a situation we’d find ourselves in regularly. Our days of McGuyver-ing stuff is over. So over.

If you’re worried about your new HTC One (M8) getting damaged, though, check the video out. In it, they take everything you could run into to damage your phone, save for a weed-wacker (hey, you could drop your phone while doing light yard work!). It gives a pretty solid idea of how much trouble you can get into with a new One before ruining it’s gorgeous shine. The video may make you think about getting a case for your new flagship device, too.

If you need a spoiler alert, here it is: thin aluminum doesn’t hold up well to scratches. Aside from the back getting mucked up pretty easily (a knock on the original, too), the device holds up well. Gorilla Glass always makes a strong showing, though, so we’re not surprised.


  1. wasters……so massive shock if you scratch aluminum with a harder metal it scratches and if you hit glass with a pointy hammer really hard it cracks ……you could have knocked me down with a feather

    • This will help to dispel the hugely erroneous notion that so MANY people have that aluminium is a hard and “premium” metal.

      The fact remains that it is just one of the cheaper and softer AND weaker metal available.


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