In the market for a new case for your upcoming HTC One (M8) purchase? Sure you are! Though HTC has some really neat cases for their refreshed flagship, Tech21 also has some ready for us. Available when the HTC One (M8) launches, Tech21 will have two of their best cases ready for us as well as their screen protector.

Their Impact Tactical case will encase the sides and rear of your new One with Tech21’s D30 material. The Impact Tactical is the slimmest design avaialble for the new One, and brings handsome styling to your handset as well as protection. The case is also resistant to abrasion, so you’ll be looking sharp for a long time.

Impact Shell is a lot like the Tactical case, but offers a touch more protection. This one brings added impact protection for those drops and slips we all have now and again. A touch bulkier than the Tactical, the Impact Shell is still slim and light. It’s also offered in a few more colors than the Tactical, so style-conscious users take notice.


While those two cases protect the rear and sides of your device, you might be wondering about your screen. Though the new One (M8) has the latest and greatest Gorilla Glass, some feel more comfortable with a screen protector. Tech21 has made their Impact Shield available for the new One, bringing top-end protection to your top of the line phone. According to the company, “Impact Shield is made up of an ingenious, multi-layer system that includes a hard top layer to disperse impacts; a middle layer with BulletShield™, featuring a BASF protection interlayer that is also used in bulletproof glass; and a bottom soft layer that slows down, dampens and further absorbs impacts.” Wow.

If you’re curious what sets Tech21 apart, check out the video below. We caught up with Tech21 at CES this year, and that whole thing with the hammer? Yeah, it’s legit. Tech21 doesn’t make many cases available for Android phones just yet, but when they do — we take notice. The two cases will be available for about $34.99, so be sure to look for them when you buy your new HTC One (M8)!


  1. Is the Tech21 Impact shield for the HTC One M8 supposed to have horizontal lines which are clearly visible on the screen? I wasn’t told at TMobile when the guy put it on that that would be the case, and I’m really regretting getting it – it really ruins the display. Going to have to get it removed I think – and hoping that that is a simple process…


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