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So we learned over the weekened the HTC One M7 isn’t getting the Android 5.1 update. Android 5.0 was made ready for the unit but the next version won’t get it according to HTC Vice President for Products himself, Mo Versi, who said that only the HTC One M7 Google Play Edition will receive the 5.1 update.

That information frustrated a lot of HTC One (M7) users because that would make their phones not ahead of the game when Google and the carriers widely release the Lollipop updates. However, Mo Versi was quick to respond with a changed heart the next day. Even if Android 5.1 is a minor maintenance update, there are still a lot of bug fixes needed by the One M7. Owners of the particular 2013 flagship model were complaining but Mo acknowledged he heard them all and that fixes are in the works.

Android 5.1 update HTC One M7

This sounds like good news now. The HTC President giving hope is important and that’s what the One (M7) owners wants to know. So why reverse the decision this time? HTC must have remembered the two-year guarantee for all HTC handset owners that includes updates. From Android 4.1.2, the HTC One (M7) was upgraded to Android 5.0. That’s a lot of changes for a two-year old phone. There really is no reason why the phone shouldn’t get the 5.1 since it only covers minor maintenance updates anyway.

SOURCE: Mo Versi


  1. Heyyo, in the article it says… “Even if Android 5.1 is a minor maintenance update, there are still a lot of bug fixes needed by the One M7.” err… what bug fixes does it need? I have an HTC One M7 on 5.0.2 and she runs fantastic and I haven’t noticed any issues. The only downside compared to 4.4.2 I’ve noticed is the multi-task window is slower in grid or card mode to kill apps. Other than that? She’s faster than 4.4.2 in every way.


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