The impressive HTC One smartphone is getting updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean today across Europe. We’ve seen a few various reports of the same update in Taiwan, and other regions, and after initially being delayed it’s officially here. It hit earlier this week, and now multiple reports have confirmed the European model is enjoying the same software upgrade.

While the jump from Android 4.1 to 4.2.2 Jelly Bean isn’t extremely big, the update comes in rather sizable being over 400MB from HTC. Aside from the Android Daydream feature, lockscreen widgets, and other improvements HTC themselves have added quite a bit to the update. It’s nice to see them quickly updating and improving their flagship device. It’s just too bad the One S can’t have the same fate.

The update hasn’t landed on our European handset yet, but many different tips and reports have confirmed it is indeed rolling out now. You might want to head into settings and check for updates, if you’re impatient like us. Thanks to HTCSource the image below gives us a changelog of what to expect.


Along with Android 4.2.2 features we have launcher bar enhancements, a reorganized widget panel, and the lockscreen style widgets are also present. We have battery percentage in the top bar, and they’ve added another option to remove that ugly black menu bar from our screens. There’s also improvements to ZOE, 6 new video themes, and improved quick settings to name a few.

It looks like overall HTC is providing a pretty solid update with the latest version of Android and tons of tweaks, improvements, and changes all in one round. Now all we need is to see the same update arrive for the US models. This also means that we should hopefully be hearing a release date from Verizon on their HTC One now that 4.2 is ready and rolling out.

VIA: HTCSource