HTC One users will be seeing the Android 4.2.2 update surface via an over-the-air update sometime in the relatively near future, according to reports coming in from Taiwanese users. Some international users have revealed that they’ve received the newest update, with one publishing a screenshot of the update page that displays the changes other owners can expect.

One HTC user sent a screenshot of their device update to the folks at Android Central, with the image showing a few details about the update, which features “important enhancements and bug fixes.” Those enhancements include a change to the launcher bar and switch up in the widget panel’s arrangement, as well as the addition of a lock screen-style widget.

The Home button’s behavior has been “enhanced,” according to the System Update info page. Some Home button options have been added, as well, that take away the large black bar that has already been nuked from the One X, and that has quite a few complaints from users. The battery charge can now be seen from within the status bar.

The only update to the Notifications is a “Quick Settings Panel” that allows the user to access a dozen default settings using a newly added touch gesture. Lastly, there’s the Gallery and Camera changes that feature an AF/AE lock feature for focus and exposure from the viewfinder screen. As more reports comes in, we may see some other enhancements crop up.

Previous HTC updates have been pushed out to users in Singapore and Taiwan before other locations, such as with the One X. As such, you should be seeing the update show up eventually, though you might still end up waiting awhile if you’re waiting for a carrier to roll out its version of the update. Have you received the OTA update already? Let us know!

SOURCE: Android Central