Verizon finally released the HTC One and while it looked like that could have put the last of the related rumors to rest, we are now getting a look at the handset in blue. Sure, we have seen the blue renders leak in the past but this time around we have an in-the-wild style look. Well, that may be a bit generous a description as this image appears to have come out of the factory.

Regardless though, what we have is a image of the blue HTC One. The handset is obviously incomplete as the display and other goodies are missing, but there is a fairly good look at the blue exterior. The blue looks a bit different as compared to those earlier leaked renders. We suppose there could be some discussion about the color, but given this is just one leaked image we can likely blame that on the lighting conditions or the camera used to snap the picture.

Bottom line here, we are now seeing a non-rendered image of the HTC One in blue. Earlier rumors have suggested the blue HTC One would be heading to Verizon Wireless. Those rumors arrived earlier in the month and were based off a leak by way of an insider. Said insider revealed that Verizon had added an inventory SKU of HTC6500LVWBLU.

Basically, that seems to imply the handset will be coming to Verizon Wireless (VW) in blue (BLU). What would make a bit more sense for Verizon would have been a red HTC One, but as we have already seen that went to another carrier. Aside from a new color — the specs of this still unannounced blue model will remain the same.

Talk of this blue HTC One aside, we are still expecting some HTC announcements in early-September. There has been plenty of chatter about the HTC One Max and that is expected to be announced during IFA. HTC also kicked off the new “Here’s To Change” advertising with Robert Downey Jr. so we suspect more will be coming from that sooner rather than later.

VIA: Tech Kiddy

SOURCE: ePrice