HTC has recently offered a bit of additional detail on Boom Sound, a feature that can be found in the recently announced One smartphone. The company is saying that users will be able to capture distortion free audio recordings thanks to the built-in “dual-membrane” microphones. HTC is using the example of being able to get a better than average recording while sitting in the best seat in the house at a concert or while sitting in the back of a classroom setting.

As anyone that has tried to record in either environment will know, neither setting is easy to record in using a smartphone. Or for that matter, most consumer level products with a built-in audio recorder. According to details coming from HTC, the One will have “two dual-membrane MEMS microphones to record audio” which in turn will improve the recording quality.


HTC notes that one membrane will remain focused on high-sensitivity and the other will focus on high sound pressure. Taking these as two and then combining them into one, it is said to be able to “greatly” reduce the background noise and as a result — give you an audio recording with higher quality.

Taking a step back and HTC has also included some details on the “single-membrane” microphone. The single-membrane option (in a concert setting) means you would not be able to capture high volume audio clearly, which would result in distortion and/or hissing. That said, time and hands-on experience with the average user will be the determining factor as to how good these recordings will actually sound.

[via HTC Blog]

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