While HTC One owners in the US are just enjoying their Android 4.4 update, those in the UK are a bit in limbo. After waiting for weeks for their turn, HTC has pulled out the OTA updated from its UK servers due to reported difficulties.

What exactly those difficulties are, HTC isn’t saying. And so far, no one from the UK has been coming out to give the details. Whatever those problems are, users will probably prefer that HTC deal with them now rather than later down the road. It will, however, mean a bit more waiting and HTC hasn’t disclosed when the OTA updates will resume.

The rollout in the US has relatively been uneventful, with Verizon and AT&T pushing out Android 4.4 to their customers last month. Verizon also published a short changelog detailing some of the highlights of the update, aside from Android 4.4, of course. Those include, among other things, HTC Sense 5.5, along with improved BlinkFeed usability. There is also better lockscreen widget management, more detailed location settings information, and a Do Not Disturb mode.

So far, users in the US haven’t been reporting of any problems with their updates. The issues could probably be limited to UK carriers, who are now redoing the integration phase of the update.

VIA: Android Central