This week we’ve heard and reported a few details regarding a lawsuit from Nokia aimed right at HTC and their new flagship One smartphone. The word on the street was Nokia sued over some microphones in the One, and received an injunction against the smartphone. However, today HTC has confirmed that isn’t accurate and their smartphone will continue to be available worldwide with no further delays.

This afternoon the folks from HTC have issued a statement on the recent court filing and proceedings in the Netherlands, and are confirming their smartphone will not be delayed, and Nokia did not win an injunction against the handset. Apparently the microphone used inside the HTC One was for Nokia only, and the rumors got out of control pretty quick over the situation. Here’s what HTC had to say.

Nokia did not obtain an injunction against the HTC One in the Netherlands, or anywhere else for that matter. The lawsuit was brought by Nokia solely against STM (the microphone manufacturer) and won’t cause any issues or delays with the HTC One. The injunction that was obtained prevents STM from selling this particular microphone to other smartphone manufacturers. And last but not least, the judgement states HTC can (and will) continue to use the microphone module already purchased from STM, based on good faith, and Nokia’s attempt to ban the HTC One actually failed.

“HTC will transition to improved microphone designs once its inventory of STM microphones is exhausted.”

In closing HTC gave the above quote regarding their upcoming plans for the smartphone. So basically Nokia didn’t win anything that will cause HTC problems or delay their new flagship smartphone. It’s available as we speak from AT&T and internationally, and will be hitting more carriers in the coming days. The HTC One will not suffer any setbacks in the Netherlands or anywhere else over this matter.

Nothing too exciting, but we needed to set the record straight. Nokia’s attempts failed and the HTC One is here and ready to battle the GALAXY S 4 and any other smartphone that comes its way.


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