It looks like the folks from HTC just can’t catch a break, even with their new flagship smartphone. After announcing the HTC One with tons of attention and eager buyers it sadly faced a few small delays. Now however, it appears to be in more trouble after a court in the Netherlands has awarded Nokia a preliminary injunction on the handset over the microphone.

It really is sad that the smallest of things can cause such a stir in the mobile market these days, and that’s exactly what’s going on here. Nokia has been granted an injunction against the HTC One by the Amsterdam district court regarding a set of high amplitude microphones in the smartphone.

Apparently the HTC One uses the exact same microphone in the handset as the entire range of Nokia Lumia devices, and that was enough for a judge to issue the preliminary injunction. Apparently HTC didn’t license the special microphone. Nokia went as far as to teardown both devices and provide an image and serial/model numbers to the court proving the fact, but we find this a little petty.


The same manufacturer makes microphones for both HTC and Nokia, but this specific model was built for Nokia only. Either this was a mistake, mix-up, or something else. Either way this is one more small issue for HTC that could cause a setback – and this device is supposed to be their savior and money maker for 2013. HTC was disappointed by the decision but we haven’t heard any additional details at this time. The U.S. launch should carry on as expected.

[via SlashGear]

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