There are generally two ways you want to handle secrecy on a new product – you go the Steve Jobs way, which is to guard the secret as if your life and the life of all your loved ones depended on it. Or you can go “controlled leaks” which is what most companies do now, we think. Jury’s still out on whichever HTC was going for, but the end result is that they might have just leaked their upcoming Android Wear smartwatch.

It was a smart way to do it though, if it was intended – embedded deep in a design promotional video that no one might actually notice it. Inevitably though, someone did. If this was not intentional, then it becomes just sloppy then. See if you can locate the “leak” at two points in the video below.

Right, so at 0:35 we see two things – a smartwatch dock or holder, and right beside it is an actual smartwatch on the dock. It looks like it functions like a dock-slash-charger at this point, looking at how it is situated on the users’ desk, but we won’t really know. The other significant thing here is that HTC might have actually signified that they are going the “square” path in designing their Android Wear smartwatch – only Motorola has so far been brave enough to go circular, and to their credit the Moto 360 looks fiiiiine.

At 0:43, you may see a designer working possibly on a CAD render for the smartwatch. That’s basically it. In HTC’s defense, they have not given the tech blogs much to go on in trying to see how their Android Wear development is progressing, and what kind of features we can expect. So again, we will have to go out and dig for clues like this in the meantime.

VIA: SlashGear