The HTC M7 went on to arrive as the device we now know as the HTC One. And moving forward it looks like chatter may be on the HTC M8. Details are still on the light side, however it looks like the M8 will be arriving as the 2014 flagship for HTC. The key here though, it was said that HTC is using different codenames in an effort to keep some of the leaks from being pieced together.

While the M8 is expect to be the 2014 flagship, it is also looking like HTC may have an updated version of the One coming later in 2013. Similar to the limited details available for the M8, the updated version of the One remains mostly a mystery. What we have seen is coming by way of unnamed sources from Pocket-lint who are reporting that “plans could be changed.”

Basically, it looks like it is still very much early days in terms of the HTC M8. Otherwise, assuming HTC follows typical patterns we suspect the updated version of the One could see bumps in terms of the camera and maybe the processor. Possibly even taking the bump and appearing with a Snapdragon 800 processor.

In other HTC related news, it is looking like the One may finally be arriving with Verizon Wireless. The carrier has yet to update their earlier statement confirming the handset, however the handset has recently stopped by for a visit with the FCC.

That filing had the model number listed as being HTC6500LVW with the ‘VW’ at the end as being for Verizon Wireless. And if there was any further doubt, the filing also had support for CDMA and LTE. With that, the official word from Verizon remains as “later this summer.”

SOURCE: Pocket-lint


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