Well, look what we have here. After months of waiting it looks like Verizon Wireless may finally be ready to announce and release the HTC One on their network. The latest word from Verizon themselves is the device would arrive “later this summer” and we’ve been patiently waiting for more details or a sighting in the wild. Well, today it cleared through the FCC.

Actually the only word from Verizon is that it was coming later this summer. It was mentioned once in some emails and confirmed by their Twitter account, and that’s all she wrote. Verizon has been completely silent regarding the smartphone, but we might actually finally be getting somewhere.

Today, according to Blog of Mobile, the Verizon HTC just cleared the FCC and now all we need is to wait for the announcement from big red themselves. We can clearly see the CDMA and LTE radios mentioned in the filing, and of course the VW at the end of the model number was all we needed. It’s listed as HTC6500LVW.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.18.04 PM

Today the stock Google Play edition HTC One started shipping to buyers, so Verizon was beat by all carriers and Google themselves. For whatever reason they have no desire to get this out quickly, and the same could be said about them taking over a month longer than the rest with Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

We know the device is coming this summer, and we’re nearly two weeks into July already, so hopefully an announcement and release date is coming any day now. Rumor has it the reveal is coming next week, and retail availability probably won’t arrive until very late July or the first week of August. Thanks for making us wait Verizon, real cool.

VIA: Blog of Mobile


    • Everything I’ve read says no AWS for VZW HTC One. I might have gotten this phone if it were out back in March.
      And the only things I like about this phone vs the S4 are the screen, front facing speakers, and aluminum body. Other than that, the S4 beats it hands down.

  1. Certainly some high ranking VW employees read some Android blogs can enlighten us why they refuse to release flagship phones in timely matters. I’d be pissed if I worked on the HTC One


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