Finally we now see an HTC M10 in the wild, with a huge possibility that it just might be the real thing. But to top it all, this is actually not the good news part of it yet. The good news is, this HTC M10 might just have blown the competition away in an AnTuTu benchmark test.

Just recently, we saw artists’ renditions of what the HTC M10 – or whatever they end up calling it – might look like. Today we get a small glimpse at it. The picture below seems to be legit. The owner of the image has chosen to stay anonymous, but is from Taiwan where HTC is based. The shot was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7, which image geeks can actually know by checking the EXIF data attached to the photo. This just means it wasn’t created via Photoshop.


But that isn’t even the best part. We all know that HTC has struggled to impress these past two or three years with the devices they have put out. Here is evidence that we might actually be getting an HTC device that will compete with the other flagships. The AnTuTu benchmark on the image says that this device is head and shoulders above the competition – around 2000 benchmark points better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

That should be good news for HTC fans – nothing brings people in than news of great performance and great specs. This upcoming device from HTC is purportedly sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 under the hood. We will have to wait for more information to confirm that.

VIA: Phone Arena


  1. I must be the only one annoyed by tech writers calling this the “M10” when HTC themselves call it simply 10. When they released the original HTC One, they intended that to be the name and the subsequent phones to follow would still simply be HTC One. The moniker “m #” was just an internal way to identify the phones.
    This is the HTC 10.

  2. I actually really like it in black might have to sell my moto x style even though I’ll miss the: screen size ,front camera flash , dual speakers, twist and chop motions for camera and flash etc ?

  3. I’m typing this on my out-of-contract M7. I really hope the M10 will be my next phone. Benchmarks are nice and all, but if the camera sucks as much as the M7, 8 and 9, who gives a shit.

      • Samsung, LG and Apple all have excellent cameras on their phones. HTC’s have been atrocious since the M7. If you think the camera on your phone is of no importance and your happy to spend that kind of money for it, good luck to you.


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