Yesterday, we told you that the HTC Legend, the successor to the original HTC manufactured Hero, would officially be getting updated to Android 2.2 today. And now HTC has officially confirmed the update on their Twitter page. And, better yet, the update isn’t said to be for one specific carrier. This time around, the update is live all across Europe.

The update brings the latest edition of the Android 2.2 software to the handset. However, considering Android 2.3 is just around the corner, there’s probably a few Legend owners out there biting at the bit to find out when, or even if, their handset will be getting the update to the newest version.

However, Android 2.2 should be a pleasant update for the majority of owners. So, you Legend owners out there, have you updated your handset yet? If you have, let us know what you think of it. Was it worth the wait?

[via @HTC]