When HTC‘s Chief Operating Officer Matthew Costello stepped down, it appeared that HTC was getting its feathers in a tussle. Rumors persisted that they were beginning to become directionless, and even though strong sales opposed those rumors, the shuffling of major forces within the company suggested otherwise. Enter Lorain Wong, HTC’s new VP of Global PR and Corporate/Internal Operations. Could stability finally be back in the cards?

When HTC started to downsize earlier this year, we all kind of shut up and listened. As senior officials stepped down one by one, we became more concerned, and like everyone else began to doubt the stability of HTC as a whole. Now that Lorain Wong has entered the picture though, we can finally heave a sigh of relief, because it looks like she’s coming prepared with the right credentials, and the proper know how to give HTC the boost it most definitely deserves, and needs.

She will be in charge of setting the benchmark for HTC globally as well as internally. This includes media and analyst relations, corporate communications and issues management, public relations, and overseeing all internal functions and tasks in all current locations as of now. She accomplishes all of this with a background of over 25 years of marketing, media, and communications skills, as well a tremendous amount of previous work experience as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Pacnet.

Wong, having previously worked with ABC and with CBS as a field producer for relations in Beijing, China and having graduated with a degree in journalism, and previous experience in media law from Austin’s University of Texas campus, certainly doesn’t lack in experience. Put in charge of a company floundering in a quickly expanding field of competitors would be a challenge for anyone, but there’s no doubt that she comes prepared.

Will she be able to boost the HTC brands image? Only time will tell, but our fingers are crossed.