It’s no secret that lately times have been a little tough for good ol HTC. Their market share has seen large declines over the past few years, especially throughout 2012 while fending off Apple in court and Samsung on the shelves. Today however there is a sign of good news as HTC has just taken a big step and hired a new CMO. They’ve appointed Benjamin Ho as their new Chief Marketing Officer.

According to reports HTC’s current CMO John Wang will be replaced by Ho, and will be leaving the company next month for undisclosed reasons. Pretty sure we can all come up with our own conclusions though. The question now remains on if HTC and their newly appointed member can get things back to how they were, or at least stop the bleeding.

For those wondering, Benjamin Ho has a pretty solid background. Ho is the former VP of business strategy and marketing of FarEasTone Telecommunications and also a former CMO at Motorola — although the latter could be seen as a good and bad thing. Motorola’s been highly successful and Ho has a strong background with them. Ho will be joining the company in January and report directly to CEO Peter Chou in an effect to curb some of their current troubles. Ho’s first task as CMO is to lead HTC’s new marketing strategy which is known internally as “Marketing 2.0″, and it will focus the company’s efforts on “holistic marketing and mass-market brand outreach.”

That isn’t the only change we’ve heard either. Reports from FierceWireless are also confirming they’ve made internal changes to many key roles inside the company, especially for Jason MacKenzie who is the head of global sales AND marketing. MacKenzie will be focusing on just global sales while HTC looks to fill the global marketing position elsewhere. HTC’s financial forecast hasn’t been looking to bright, but hopefully this is one change of many that will bring them back.