HTC has seen its finances shrink a little in the third quarter of 2012. HTC announced that both net revenues and income were down year over year. HTC’s third quarter revenue was NT$70.2bn (US$2.4bn) this quarter, which is even a sizable drop from the NT$91bn they earned last quarter. Net income did not do much better, as it dropped to NT$3.9bn (US$133m).

In Q3 of 2011 HTC recorded revenue of NT$135.82bn (US$4.54bn) and profits of NT$18.68bn (US$625m). It is quite easy to see where this substantial drop is a serious problem for HTC. Even though HTC predicted decreased numbers, seeing them finalized on paper is a scary thing.

HTC has some solid devices hitting the market in the new quarter, so hopefully we will see these numbers rebound. On the Android front, the One X+ is expected to drop soon, and should prove to be a huge success for HTC. They are also receiving a strong push from Microsoft on the Windows Phone side of the equation.

Let’s hope that the end of the Q4 2012 does not bring as much doom and gloom for HTC. Still, it’s not all bad. While the numbers are down, at least they turned a profit, which is more than some companies can say.