Recently the HTC Flyer has went up for pre-order at Best Buy. The price listed has been $499 for a while now, there was however no talk about the stylus they have mentioned quite a bit. Something they are calling a digital pen. This is a feature making the Flyer stand out, you can use the digital pen with your hand resting on the display, and it wont get confused from the multiple touches. Fancy for those that need it.

According to some new details the Flyer specific digital pen will be retailing for $79.99 at Best Buy, as well as a leather pouch carry case that has a spot for the stylus also for $34.99 making this a pretty expensive purchase if someone wants all three. Those wanting both accessories can also get it in a bundle and save a few dollars.

For those interested this should be some pretty good news, although that is one expensive stylus. If you would like to see more about this “digital pen” and how well it actually works with your arm on the display check out the demo here. From watching that video it seems to work extremely well and not notice your hand is wresting on the screen as you try and write with the pen. So this could be really convenient for some. Will you be getting the Flyer when it releases? Or maybe just wait for the Transfomer to be in stock again.

[via AndroidCentral]


  1. that’s a ridiculous price. If one is just going to mark up pdf files then the app Repligo reader wil let me add mark up, highlight, cross out, circle, etc. pdf files and it only costs $5. And if the stylus is that expensive why not just get a galaxy tab and save $$$. HTC says they are going to upgrade to Honeycomb but as a consumer I don’t completely believe that . They said that (gingerbread) about my droid incredible and it still hasn’t happened.

    pathetic and taking advantage of people. It should be part of the price; i feel bait and switched as I’ve been waiting for this.

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