We happen to hear all the time about different UFO sightings, but this is the first time an Android phone, HTC EVO 4G, has caught a lil footage of a UFO. This isn’t the first time that an Android has gotten a lil T.V. time, the Droid X appeared on How I met Your mother the other day and the EVO appeared on Fringe as well.

Last Wednesday, residents of Centreville, Va said they spotted a bright blue dot moving across the sky without blinking, flashing, or making any sounds. The UFO had no specific route, but was simply flying around. It has not been seen since then and has left residents confused. Even though this hasn’t been proved as extra-terrestrial yet, its cool to see the EVO 4G doing a lil camera work while also getting a lil T.V. time as well. Check out the video below for all of the details.

Via [MyFoxDC]