In a rather surprising turn of events it appears that the hotly anticipated HTC EVO 4G LTE is finally starting to arrive at the doorsteps for those who pre-ordered it, as we reported yesterday, but with a little extra treat. The EVO is arriving for many with an apology note for the delay, and a free TPU smartphone case for their troubles.

Well played guys, well played. It looks like both the carrier and HTC have teamed up and are shipping out free cases along with the smartphones to thank their customers for being patient and not canceling to opt for another device. Bonus! Then again there isn’t too many good choices from the Now Network, but users could have went for the Galaxy Nexus.

From the picture below, as well as reports by The Verge a nice and sincere letter of apology has been packed inside of the pre-order shipments, and users are getting a neat little case. Hopefully the same is happening at retail stores or those opting to buy from Best Buy, but we’ve heard no such reports. The smartphone being delayed by customs was for the most part out of their hands, but it’s still nice to see them owning up and being cool about it. That is just one more reason to like HTC. Now click here and root that shiny new EVO 4G LTE.

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