It looks like those who pre-ordered the new HTC EVO 4G LTE might have some good news coming there way today after all. Yesterday the carrier and HTC confirmed that the impressive new smartphone was being delayed at US Customs for inspections after the HTC vs Apple lawsuits, but today Best Buy is claiming something a bit different.

The new EVO was supposed to become available tomorrow, May 18th but the problems with customs put that up in the air. Then yesterday we learned it was being completely delayed because of the ITC investigation. This could mean that Best Buy either didn’t get the memo, or they know something we don’t and the phones will be arriving sooner than later.

According to multiple sources and tips we’ve just received (thanks guys) it looks like those who pre-ordered from Best Buy have started getting emails today from the retail store claiming pre-orders will begin shipping on May 23rd, so early next week. Until HTC releases a statement and the US Customs releases the phones this seems highly unlikely but we’ll all know soon enough the fate of the EVO 4G LTE and HTC One X.

Did you pre-order from Best Buy? If so did you receive this email too?

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