Exciting news coming from Rogers Canada today. They have just said that the EVO 3D will be launching soon and it will in fact have an unlocked bootloader already. You will not have to wait for the HTC update we are all waiting for. HTC recently announced they will be working on unlocking the bootloader for the current HTC Sensation and the EVO 3D and more to follow. It looks like you Canadians wont have to wait for such an update.

I guess for us in the States we will have to just keep waiting for that update but it isn’t to far off so that is good news I guess. Our friends over at MobileSyrup heard the news on the Rogers EVO 3D and it is pretty interesting to say the least. Although after looking over it I see that a support rep said yes the bootloader will be unlocked, but I don’t see him mention “at launch” so this story might be a bit early but I figured you’d all want to hear either way.

Support reps saying the bootloader will be unlocked might just be because they know the update is coming from HTC. Whether it will launch unlocked I’m still not fully sure but I’ll keep digging. For more information about Rogers 3D goods click here. Now that this story is starting to break most likely over the next day or so we should get some clarification from either Rogers or HTC or both so stay tuned as this story unfolds.

[via MobileSyrup]