Hey folks, it was only a matter of time before all the HTC phones started getting ports of the recently leaked HTC Sense UI 3.5 seen here. Thanks to the HTC Bliss we even received some hands-on video with the new Sense UI. Now all of the developers over at XDA are starting to port the awesome new UI over to all of our favorite HTC phones and the DROID Incredible is up next.

Last week we also brought news of Sense UI 3.5 being ported to the Desire HD and it was only natural that we’d start seeing more devices appear soon. So far this Incredible build seems pretty far along and like most of the bugs are gone. Initial support and reactions over at XDA seem very happy and can’t wait to give it a try. I like the new launcher icon and app tray myself.

Shown in the images clearly we can see these are all based off the HTC Bliss build that was recently leaked, same goes for the Desire HD port. Although the Desire HD version already is flashable and users are trying it out as we speak sadly the DROID Incredible build is not quite ready for prime time. Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up but this is just news today, but most likely will be a flashable ROM very soon so stay tuned here, and at the XDA thread.

In just a few short days they’ve made a lot of progress and are moving quickly, don’t worry you should have a build available shortly.

[device id=390]

[via XDA Forums]