Those that saw the new HTC Sense UI screenshots recently and would love to give it a try now can. Thanks to some nifty dev work over at XDA users with the Desire HD can now give it a test run. We first saw HTC Sense UI 3.5 screenshots leak last week and thanks to the HTC Bliss devs are now porting it to other devices.

Recently we received a full video walk-through of Sense UI 3.5 on the HTC Bliss shown here and now it’s available for those with a Desire HD via a custom ROM. A leaked RUU build of the HTC Bliss was leaked and that is where this custom ROM gets the bits of Sense UI 3.5 and while its not perfect, it looks great from what we are hearing and seeing.

If you can handle a few bugs with bluetooth and having the camera be completely non-functional (for now) go ahead and give the new Desire HD build a try and test Sense UI 3.5 for yourself. This is still a work in progress and will likely be completely stable over time, as always this is one of those at your own risk type of deals. Be sure to back up all user data or do a Nandroid backup but you should know all that already.

Full details and download instructions are available at the source link below thanks to XDA.

[via XDA Forums]


  1. How did I miss this earlier? Awesome, when they get the camera working I’ll try it. My Inspire 4G is rocking a port of a Pyramid ROM right now.


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