Another HTC smartphone passed through the FCC today rocking those Verizon bands. Most likely this is the recently rumored and leaked HTC DROID Incredible 4G that we’ve seen a few pictures of floating around. HTC recently announced the One series and this doesn’t appear to be a part of it, or Verizon didn’t want to join — we can’t know for sure. According to the FCC something is on the way.

Previous reports claimed the Incredible 4G was the HTC Fireball and a global device, similar to the global capabilities on the Incredible 2, so that would make sense. An unknown HTC phone was spotted a late last month and even captured on camera looking strikingly similar to the original so this is all starting to come together.

Earlier this week reports surfaced that the DROID Incredible 4G would be hitting Verizon in April. With it hitting the FCC right now things are lining up right on time for an April release date. Obviously things are always open to change but there’s a good change the Incredible 4G will be here soon enough. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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  1. I wonder if it will have the memory problem the original Incredible had, which HTC didn’t do anything about. My daughter is stuck with one of those.

      • She is old enough to replace it herself, but might not want to get bitten again by a company that doesn’t fix bad designs. It was not her phone, it was all Incredibles. Well documented problem, no help from HTC. I feel bad because I recommended she get an HTC, after having several HTC phones I liked.

      • Many of the androids from that time frame had big issues. Android was in its infancy, and was attractive, but almost a developers device. While it still is a developers devive , they’re getting more consistent. Also, when you get a problem device, you sadly have to rely on your carrier more than the manufacturer. Though T-Mobile had low jd power ratings this year, I feel fortunate to be a customer of theirs. They would replaced your device 3 months down the road if you have ongoing issues, they have been good to me. Keep in mind though, every manufacturer has its flop device, and sometimes more than one. I’m an HTC fan, but I never trust first reviews anymore, a device has to be available at least 45 days, despite the fact I’ve got my money counted & I’m itching to buy, I learned with the LG G2X myself…….. PS….. my comment came off in a manner inwich I did not intend, and I just realized that reading it. I apologize if you took it sarcastically.

      • No problem. We certainly agree about T-Mobile. I have been with them since they came to town a few years ago. I love my HTC MyTouch 4G Slide also. My daughter’s Incredible is on Verizon.

    • I doubt it will have that issue, although nobody can say for sure until it’s released (obviously).

      As for the reason HTC didn’t do anything about it… it wasn’t a software bug or anything they could really “fix.” It was just that they didn’t partition enough space for data, something that can’t be fixed with OTA updates. Just a bad design.

      If you or your daughter are tech-savy enough to root, that problem is one of the easiest to fix, and you don’t even have to install any crazy weird ROMs. You can fix it just fine on a stock ROM.

      If not, she’s just got to clear the data regularly (once every 3ish months should do) and it goes away. Usually the heaviest hitter is the call log & sms (I think it’s filed uner “Dialer Storage” in the list, although I may be wrong there). That one thing can take up a third of the allocated space sometimes, so clearing it will buy you a lot of time before seeing the message again. (Note: both of those things, call log and sms, can and should be backed up with the app “SMS Backup+” so clearing these shouldn’t be an issue)

      • No, its a glitch. My phone had over 200 MB of free space in that partition and it still told me that it had under 512 KB and needed data removed, after clearly all messages and the call log it still told me that. And while it was saying I needed to clear data it wouldn’t let me browse the web or send/view my messages. A factory reset fixes the problem for about 5 months but then it does the same damn thing. AND BEST BUY WON”T DO A DAMN THING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEIR DAMN BLACK TIE PROTECTION, THE ONLY THING THEY WOULD DO FOR ME WAS SEND MY PHONE OUT TO GET ANOTHER PIECE OF SHIT THAT DID THE SAME DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS NOT WORTH A DAMN CENT!!!!! THE PROBLEM THE WHOLE DAMN LINE WAS A PIECE OF SHIT NOT THAT MY PHONE WAS DEFECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rant finished. The last part that was in all caps was not intended to be directed at you but at best buy and I apologize in advance if it offended or irritated you.

      • It’s not a glitch, it’s just a bad design. The storage you see at the bottom of that app list is internal storage, of which the Incredible has 750MB. The problem is that you don’t get all of it for app data. The /data/data partition on the device only get’s a small portion of that total internal storage, 150MB. That “over 200MB” you see left at the bottom is not part of the /data/data partition that is low.

        The reason it’s bad design is
        (a) They made the partition too small in the first place
        (b) They don’t tell you what the max is
        (c) They don’t tell you what your current usage is
        (d) They don’t make it easy to sort apps on their data usage (just on total size)

        But it’s not a glitch. That’s how the phone is designed. It sucks. And it would be great if customer service people (Verizon, Best Buy, etc.) were more educated about the problem so they don’t bother sending phones away for service and other useless things, but that’s just not the case.

        If you cleared your messages and call log (and did it through the application settings > manage applications menu) and you still have the message, then you just need to look for what’s taking it all up. Like I said above, you can sort the list by size, but you need to actually click on each item and see what it’s actual “data” usage is. The actual size of the application is irrelevant (which is why moving apps to SD doesn’t help). Anything over a couple MB is a sizable amount of data (although you have to use your head and asses on an app-by-app bases whether or not it makes sense to clear it). Some of the usual heavy-hitters (aside from the contacts/call log) are facebook, email, browser.

        If you’re not rooted, periodic clearing of that data is your only option. If you are rooted, you have a lot more options…
        (a) You can install a de-bloated version of the stock ROM. This will remove some of the pre-installed crap-ware and sometimes add some small helpful tweaks but otherwise is the same Sense operating system. This will make the low space error come up a little less often because you got rid of some bloat, but all the Sense stuff is still there so it’ll still pop up pretty regularly.
        (b) If you aren’t as big of a fan of Sense, or just don’t mind trying new things, you can try other non-Sense ROMs. The most popular gingerbread one (if you don’t want to try experimental ICS builds) is by far Cyanogenmod. If you go with that, you’ll probably never see the low space message again, but you could theoretically. The 150MB limit is still there, it’s just harder to hit because all of the Sense stuff that takes up such a large chunk is now gone.
        (c)Lastly (and this will work with any ROM), you can flash the Ext4All mod and the issue will be fixed forever.

        If the phone isn’t under warranty anymore, I’d recommend rooting it and doing one of the above options. Hell, I’d recommend at least doing option  “a” even if you weren’t getting any errors.

        Hopefully this helped.

        But yea, wasting your money on Black Tie protection is always a bad idea. Extended warranties and and protection plans and stuff like that is where Best Buy makes all their money.


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