Another HTC smartphone passed through the FCC today rocking those Verizon bands. Most likely this is the recently rumored and leaked HTC DROID Incredible 4G that we’ve seen a few pictures of floating around. HTC recently announced the One series and this doesn’t appear to be a part of it, or Verizon didn’t want to join — we can’t know for sure. According to the FCC something is on the way.

Previous reports claimed the Incredible 4G was the HTC Fireball and a global device, similar to the global capabilities on the Incredible 2, so that would make sense. An unknown HTC phone was spotted a late last month and even captured on camera looking strikingly similar to the original so this is all starting to come together.

Earlier this week reports surfaced that the DROID Incredible 4G would be hitting Verizon in April. With it hitting the FCC right now things are lining up right on time for an April release date. Obviously things are always open to change but there’s a good change the Incredible 4G will be here soon enough. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

[via PocketNow]