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Verizon’s HTC Incredible 4G render leaks

Verizon's been the odd man out of HTC's One family showing here in the US. While AT&T, The Now Network and T-Mobile have thier...

HTC DROID Incredible 4G hits the FCC, coming to Verizon soon

Another HTC smartphone passed through the FCC today rocking those Verizon bands. Most likely this is the recently rumored and leaked HTC DROID Incredible...

HTC Fireball spotted again in WiFi certification

We've caught a few fleeting glances of the upcoming HTC Fireball in Verizon Wireless' internal computer systems, but there's still no official word on...

HTC Fireball, LG Spectrum could be Verizon’s first LTE world phones

Americans get a lot of cool stuff before the rest of the world, but phones that play nice with international networks is not one...

HTC Fireball 4G LTE phone headed to Verizon

It appears that Verizon Wireless has another hot HTC handset headed their way sometime soon. Today we have already heard a few rumors regarding...

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