It appears that our friends over at T-MoNews have been tipped off to a codename of an upcoming HTC device that could be anything, anything at all. That means anything at all, a device, a cheeseburger, an Android robot that follows you around offering you tips on new phones, anything. While we’ve got love for more information than a single word being a tip, we are of the opinion that there is indeed no news too small to consider. This tip comes along the same lines as the one that brought us the HTC Pyramid, a phone which we also’ve been tipped some bonus info on.

We’re hoping both of these phones will be released at CTIA 2011 in Orlando, an event we’ll surely be running around with bells on at. The additional information we’ve received from a trusted source is that the HTC Pyramid will not only have a dual-core processor, (probably much like what’s described [here],) it’ll be officially announced at CTIA 2011 as well! Sounds like a new wave of well-named devices is on the way from HTC.

Let’s hope another group of brands with similar names don’t come out of the woodwork to slap some heavy litigation on HTC for picking up their similar set of letters. Again, we want to say HTC, well played, these names are much better than the groups moving forward with odd combos of characters that mean nothing to nobody. We’re looking very much forward to taking a sip of your caffeine-enriched devices, especially if and when they’re stocked with fresh Android.

[via T-MoNews]