We all know that HTC acquired Beats Audio with the intentions of bringing better audio fidelity to HTC Android phones. We have heard tons of news regarding this the past few weeks, and just this morning HTC announced the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio. Apparently those smart developers have beat HTC to the punch and have developed a Desire HD rom with Beats Audio integration, details below.

What we have here is a full Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM, along with HTC Sense UI 3.5 that also includes some fancy stuff from the HTC Runnymede. We first heard about the Runnymede a while back and along with it came a leaked RUU build. Apparently the developers have been digging through that and made a full ROM for the Desire HD using the Runnymede build. Included was the Beats Audio integration and they’ve nicely put everything together for us in one ROM.

Being based off the Runnymede you can be sure the Beats Audio integration is authentic although any hardware changes that HTC and Beats may be making is not included, but most likely the main sound improvements come from software changes and music tweaks. This ROM is still a work in progress and they are currently working out a few bugs but many users are reporting the sound improvements alone make this worth a try.

If you dare give this a run let us know in the comments below how everything works and sounds.

[via GSMArena]


  1. I’ve got this running on my phone right now; it’s awesome. Question is, although this runs very well on the Desire HD, would HTC ever themselves offer an ‘official’ upgrade to Sense 3.5 for DHD owners?


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