HTC’s Desire HD is a phone we’d like to see come to the U.S. as soon as possible! Most likely you’ve heard of the EVO 4G for Sprint, which is very similar to this phone, but with a few additional perks. With the addition of HTC’s Sense 2.0 Cloud features, as well as other recent updates throughout Sense, this phone is sure to leave us drooling for a launch date.

The overall design and feel of the Desire contain subtle differences from those of the EVO 4G. While the FCC has approved the Desire to come across the pond, the lack of 3G compatibility seems to be holding up the import, and a release date has yet to be set. This device will most likely be sold under AT&T, and we hope a release date gets set soon so consumers know when they can get their hands on it.

[via AndroidCentral]