HTC spent much of the previous year focusing on the flagship One. We’ve been watching the HTC rumors and leaks and lately those have been focused on the follow-up device, the HTC M8. But while the M8 is expected to be the flagship for 2014, we also know HTC plans to offer more options in the mid-range category.

Thoughts of HTC and mid-range likely lead many to think of the Desire. This is where we continue with the HTC related leaks, which in this case has us looking towards the Desire 8. An image of the handset recently leaked, and from that we can see the basic layout. That is to say a handset with a set of front-facing speakers, and front-facing camera in the upper left corner.


It is difficult to say with any certainty, but it appears the Desire 8 will be sporting a plastic exterior. Other items seen in the image include the rear-facing camera as well as the power button and volume rocker on the side. The image was originally shared by MyDrivers, and later re-confirmed by Engadget who also had some spec details to share.

Spec related details for the Desire 8 include a 5.5-inch display, dual-SIM support, a 5 megapixel front-facing camera and 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. Other details include a variety of exterior colors such as red, yellow, orange, cyan, and of course, the pictured white. HTC has yet to offer anything official here, but rumor has it the handset will make a debut in mid-March.


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