In an interview with Bloomberg TV, HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang was optimistic regarding the future of HTC. While she wouldn’t hint at future products, she did say that HTC is happy with their burgeoning trajectory, and admits failure in communicating with consumers.

Discussing the downtrodden smartphone manufacturer, Wang said “We really have the best technology and the best product”, but went on to admit they needed to “communicate better” with consumers. This disparity between amazing products and communication is what she attributes as the reason for HTC’s recent quarterly loss.

Our communication does have a problem but we are improving on that. It’s a gap between our new products coming out and we are improving our innovation and our marketing” said Wang.

Part of their new strategy involves Robert Downey Jr., who Wang praises as an adequate representation of what HTC believes they are. “People like him because people see him as a change maker. I believe HTC is here to change.” When it comes to a takeover or merger, Wang was a bit more defiant.

HTC Hipster Troll Carwash

“This ubiquitous intelligent technology is still at infancy stage, why do you want to consolidate?” Wang quipped when discussing the topic of an HTC merger or — perhaps worse — being bought out by a competitor. Their continued slide and recent loss positions HTC as a takeover target, with many analysts believing it’s an avenue HTC should consider.

Though HTC is in a continuous downward spiral, Wang — who owns as much as 18% of HTC via various holdings — is taking a very Amazon approach, defiantly pressing on in spite of losses. “Stock price is really the past. Innovation is the future. I actually never look into the price, it doesn’t influence me.” she said, adding that leader Peter Chou “is a great guy. He has a lot of innovative ideas and he’s very charismatic.” We’ll see how long these positive vibes flow, should HTC see continued losses and poor sales.