Things were not all that great for HTC in 2012. In fact, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, HTC had one of their worst years in 2012. It was said that the third quarter earning have them sitting at the lowest in about six years. Or to put that another way, the share price is down about 80 percent as compared to the record high that HTC saw in 2010. That being said though, it looks like HTC has been making some plans for a comeback.

Time will tell how well the plans work out for HTC, however CEO Peter Chou did discuss some of this in a recent interview. Perhaps most notable here, Chou believes that the worst has passed and that “2013 will not be too bad.” That doesn’t sound all that encouraging by itself, but Chou did go on to further note that they realize they haven’t done enough on the marketing front.

More to that point, Chou said that HTC did not do enough while their competitors were strong and resourceful and pouring lots of money into marketing. Despite recognizing that things were not going all that well, Chou did not mention anything specific in terms of plans and instead stayed a bit more general saying that he believes “the most important thing is to have unique products that appeal to consumers.”

It does seem as if many want to see HTC rise back. The Droid DNA captured quite a bit in terms of praise. And looking forward, it is getting harder to look away from the rumors of the HTC M7. Specific devices aside though, HTC still has a bit more to report for 2012. In fact, their preliminary fourth-quarter results are expected Monday which means we may see a bit more bad news before the good news arrives.