It looks like the legal system might be starting to get sick of all these lawsuits for IP and trademarks as of late because another round of settlement talks has just been ordered. The United States District for the District of Delaware has issued orders for Apple and HTC to sit down for some friendly conversation and settlement talks instead of drawing this out like a bad divorce.

If this sounds familiar it is because a very similar situation has also been put in place for the Apple vs Samsung situation. Apple and Samsung CEO’s (and judges and lawyers) are set to do something similar later this year too. According to the popular Foss Patents HTC and Apple will try to settle their differences and come to some agreements this August.

It isn’t know if they’ll be sending CEO’s like the Samsung sit down, but for now we can assume it will. The representatives will need to have some pretty high authority to make choices based on the company. The only concern I see here is the fact that the HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE have been delayed due to this situation, although HTC has worked around the IP they’ve infringed on. Could this mean those devices might get halted here in the US until late August after these meetings?

Most likely HTC will work their hardest to get their phones in the public as soon as possible, but this meeting could very well change their fate. The sit down is scheduled for August 28th and surely we’ll be hearing plenty more about this before, and after the date. Stay tuned for more details.

[via The Verge]