Apple and Samsung have been at battle for what seems like years now. With lawsuits all over the globe stacked full of litigation from patent infringement to design copying and more. This hard fought boxing match might soon be coming to its final round as we are now hearing the two are looking to at least attempt to be nice, even if they still don’t play nice together.

According to FOSS Patents multiple members from both sides, including CEO’s have agreed to a sit down. During so they will attempt to come up with some sort of agreement, settlement, or at least peace talks. With lawyers on hand, and a magistrate judge to oversee the discussions, and hopefully come up with some solutions within 90 days. Sadly this all started when Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone with the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, and things have only got worse from there. Fighting to remove each others products from shelves, and Samsung even redesigned their tablets for multiple markets because of the situation. Previous reports suggested Apple would end the lawsuits if Samsung would agree to pay them a certain amount per device sold, but that didn’t end well.

Obviously this is still an iffy subject, and everything about the meeting still has legal implications but the fact that both sides are apparently “willing to participate” in the sit down we could be headed for some smooth(er) sailing in the near future. For more details on anything we’ve mentioned above hit the various links from the timeline below.

[via SlashGear]