I must say for $99 crisp dollar bills, the HP TouchPad rocking Android would be a pretty awesome deal. That would be a great price for a tablet and once we get some Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich running on it everyone will be glad they snagged one for $99 dollars. After HP discontinued the TouchPad it went on a firesale and is now in the bargain bin. The specs compare to that of the HTC Sensation with that 1.2 Ghz dual-core Qualcomm processor, but with a 9.7″ 1024×768 IPS display. All that running Android sounds like something I’d be okay with.

An Android port for the TouchPad has already started and is picking up huge traction over the last 24-48 hours. With it now selling for $99 or $149 at HP.com we now have a game of “The Price is Right” and all we need is the Android OS. Over at RootzWiki the project has about 90 pages of interest after a day and a half, they are calling it TouchDroid. While some reports have claimed the hardware was to blame and not the webOS we all are still left wondering. Once we get Android 2.3 Gingerbread, CM7, and eventually Honeycomb running on this thing we’ll really know for sure.

While almost everything that has hit the market as of late has had a few geeks trying to port Android over, the TouchPad is in a much better position because so many have it and that price is just so stellar. I’m sure somewhere there is already a bit of progress on a full port, but the team at RootzWiki has a nice group of four developers and this is only the beginning. I’m sure once a few webOS developers that also love Android get around to talking with them things should start to move along a bit quicker. This wont be an easy task and the devs have plenty of work cut out for them. Be nice, be patient and feel free to head over to RootzWiki and show your support. (Thanks oGsSTC)

$99 dollar Android 3.2 Honeycomb TouchDroid Tablet — Put me down for two!


  1. the digital team over at kojo labs hit the stores and snapped these up. pretty sweet if we get a honeycomb solution soon ūüôā

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  3. I know more is better…but, if you get the 16gb version – will that feel lacking once the time comes to port Android (considering there is no SD slot for duel boot)?…Do you recommend having the 32gb version for this…or will 16gb be just fine?

  4. i hope there will be no port of android to it.

    it is a waste of resources in the community. the touchpad is no more, so all development invested in it will go to nil.

    • You don’t know how to think out of the box. ¬†There are now far more users of this device that would like apps. ¬†Porting android helps everyone who develops apps for the android OS. ¬†It gives them more folks that would be willing to buy apps. ¬†

      • The problem is there AREN’T more Android tablet apps than there are WebOS tablet apps. So you don’t actually gain anything by putting Android on your Touchpad. It’s actually really weird that people want to do this because WebOS is in many ways better than Android.

      • What you fail to realize is that the android tablet app store is constantly increasing while the HP app catalog is… well… dead.

  5. I took a risk over here in the U.K. and bought one full price from an online store about 5 minutes before the sale was due to start. The company seem to be assuring people that they will be refunding the difference so I figured that I go for the refund and if they don’t give me that I just return it.


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