Another Chromebook wants to join the fun and take advantage of the Google Play Store support and run Android apps. HP has recently introduced the new Chromebook 11 G5 as another addition to the series that’s been controversial when it was first launched three years. This is a great time to unveil a new one because Chromebooks are given more power than ever now being able to run Android apps and games.

The HP Chromebook 11 G5’s design will still remind you of the older models but this device will have an IPS touch panel screen as an option. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass NBT. If you want to enjoy the apps on your Chromebook, get the the touch version of the 11 G5. The touch goodness will definitely make it a winner against its rivals in the market.

This new Chromebook from HP is slimmer and lighter at only 2.51 lbs. The display bezels are smaller if you’re familiar with HP Chrombeooks. It can now last longer up to 11 hours on touchscreen mode but longer at 12.5 hours for the non-touch variant. We’re guessing this will become a bestseller because of the touch panel version as Google Play Store’s arrival makes any Chromebook more fun and useful.

Device is targeted for the students. For only $189, students and parents can afford this laptop. We’re not sure how much the touch version will be but it shouldn’t be that expensive.

VIA: SlashGear