Google and HP have recently begun the recall process for the Chromebook 11 charger. The charger was one of the reasons this particular Chromebook attracted some attention at launch, it is microUSB and similar to the one you already have for your smartphone or tablet. But at the same time, that charger was also prone to overheating and after some “guidance and approval” from the CPSC, the recall process is now underway.

A new support page has appeared with Google and it details what HP Chromebook 11 owners will need to do in order to get a replacement. To begin with, this is affecting those who purchased their HP Chromebook 11 prior to December 1, 2013. If you happen to fall in that timeframe, you will need to visit the official recall page which can be found at

The form is short and to the point and looks for the serial number of your Chromebook as well as the basics such as name, address, telephone number and email address. Once you have the form filled out, Google will send you a replacement charger, for free, and also include a prepaid shipping box so you can return the original charger.

Similar to what we saw when the HP Chromebook 11 was originally pulled from the shelves, Google has stated how you can use any other certified microUSB charger. Further details from Google touch on how you will be able to use one that you have from a smartphone or tablet, though, as some have already shown, your results may vary depending on the cable and wall charger you are using.

In terms of looking for your replacement, Google has said it should arrive within 30 days from when you make the request. The catch with that 30 day timeframe though, that applies only to those in the US. If you happen to live outside the US and are looking to get a replacement charger for your HP Chromebook 11 — that could take upwards of six weeks.

SOURCE: Google