We’ve all been there – when you were trying to let your friends hear something from your phone and the usual single down-firing speakers of your smartphone just won’t give enough sound. No amount of cupping your hands and changing the orientation of the phone will fix the fact that a smartphone’s speaker setup is usually good for a quiet place, and for a single user only. Ambient noise and multiple users will only magnify your smartphone’s lack of volume.

So it is with the OnePlus 6. We know that OnePlus prides itself in putting out a sleek flagship phone with great set of specs and available at an aggressive and competitive price. The OnePlus 6 may be the most expensive phone the company has put out, but it is in truth still a great phone for the price. But what if you need more volume from the speakers?

The OnePlus 6, like most smartphones, has a single down-firing speaker setup. There are phones that use the earpiece as part of a stereo setup, but the OnePlus 6 was not designed to do that. But what if we could mod it so that it does?

OnePlus 6 Stereo Speaker Mod

WARNING: This is a mod, meaning that the hardware will be asked to do something it was not designed to do. So use the mod at your own risk. Playing audio at high volume levels for long periods of time could damage the earpiece of your OnePlus 6.

What you need:

  • OnePlus 6
  • Stock ROM, MAGISK installed (which means the mod needs ROOT access)
  • Download the mod files via the official XDA thread

Check out the tutorial video below. Please follow all instructions. You have been warned.