NVIDIA Tegra 3 device owners will be the first lucky few to enjoy the brand new action adventure game called Horn from the popular Phosphor Games crew. Horn was selected as a premiere title from Zyna’s moble developer program and it has been making quite a splash for its graphics and gameplay. Available on iOS already, today it is Android’s turn for all those Tegra 3 toting devices.

With cinematic battles and next-gen graphics Horn looks to impressive everyone. Think Legend of Zelda meets Infinity Blade rolled into one and produced by the same guys that made the stunning and exciting game Dark Meadows. Having a game with not just great graphics, but an open-world environment, an awesome and inviting storyline, and great gameplay is hard to find for mobile — but Horn looks to deliver.

The story starts with the main character Horn, a young blacksmith’s apprentice, who wakes up to find his entire village ruined and overrun by large, sometimes humorous, monsters. He quickly realizes that the community of people and animals have actually been cursed and transformed into these monsters and he must use epic weapons, combat situations, and thought-provoking puzzles to make his way through the open world of his once flourishing village. Have your attention yet? Lets take a peek.

Horn will be slaying mythical and huge creations (some that look like Transformers) and will need to collect magical stones along the way. Some are harder to earn than you think so be prepared to work for it. The overall fighting, mechanics, and gameplay is fluid, fun, and engaging. No clunky controls here and instead you’ll use a combination of swipes and flips across the screen all with intuitive swipe controls.

Now Horn is more than just a hack em and slash em game full of gore. You have stunning graphics and visuals, excellent voice-overs, a top-notch story, and is an overall quality game that you’ll be enjoying for hours and hours. If you’re a Zelda fan be prepared to play Horn for the rest of the week. Again the graphics are seriously impressive, and thanks to the one and only NVIDIA Tegra 3 you’ll be playing along smooth as butter (can’t say the same for the iPad version) and the improved visuals on Android will surely make all gamers happy.

Horn by Phosphor Games is available starting today, right now from the Google Play Store and as usual on the NVIDIA TegraZone. As an added bonus if you get lost in the world of Horn feel free to check out this massive online instruction guide thanks to the developers. Check out other awesome Tegra HD games linked to below.