Honor Magic 2 teardown

Huawei has made the Honor Magic 2 a revolutionary smartphone because of its unique design. Well, the slider phone isn’t exactly a first of its kind but it’s one of the first Android phones that have implemented the slide-out design following the Oppo Find X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and the Lenovo Z5 Pro. It allows an almost bezel-less display because the selfie camera is already hidden. The phone doesn’t have a notch because there is no need for one.

The Honor Magic 2 only became official with a sliding screen design and a total of six cameras last October. We’re interested in how Huawei placed all the components inside especially since the selfie camera is hidden. It’s still inside but we want to know the phone looks inside.

A teardown analysis reveals the insides of a device. For the Honor Magic 2, PC Pop website posted complete instructions on how to disassemble the phone.

As with most smartphones, applying heat unglues the back. Remove the cameras carefully. The front-facing camera (the hidden one), is made up of three components–a 16MP selfie shooter in the middle and a pair of infrared 3D face scanner.

Remove the other components to reveal the battery that features two connectors. Next, you can see the motherboard, Kirin 980, LPDDR4X RAM, 128GB of storage, and the Wi-Fi module.

The sliding mechanism is composed of a ribbon cable and two slide rails. It looks sturdy enough but we suggest you be careful because the ribbon cable can be easily worn out.