As we all know, HMD Global Oy holds the license to produce Nokia smartphones, and produce them they did. The latest of the gang is the true Nokia 2017 flagship, the Nokia 8. The Android community is relatively happy with Nokia, but this community is also pretty keen on customization and personalization, and only an unlocked bootloader will do that on Nokia devices.

Initially, HMD’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas confirmed through a tweet that HMD will not be unlocking the Nokia devices’ bootloaders, which is truly a bummer for Android developers and enthusiasts. “Sorry, we won’t unlock it due to security however we will share our kernel modifications back to the open source community, wip (work in progress),” Sarvikas replied to a tweet on September 20, asking if they would support unlocking the bootloader.

But it seems HMD has had a change of heart. Nine days after the original tweet, Mikko Jaakkola, CTO of HMD, was also queried about the same issue. His response was more positive – “We would unlock one model at the time. What device would you unlock first?”

So at this point, it seems that HMD will be unlocking the bootloaders of devices, but promising to do it one model at a time to have some control over what happens. As the Nokia 6 was the first device to be launched, it’s a good bet that HMD might unlock that device first.

SOURCE: Nokia Power User