Apparently the diorama style of Hitman GO made Square Enix enough money to warrant even more board game levels. The publisher pushed out a major update to the game a few weeks ago but it seems to have gotten stuck in security check over at iOS. Today, however, the update is finally hitting Google Play Store and owners of the game can finally continue moving pieces around.

The update adds 15 new boxes of levels. Yes, they call them boxes, since, you know, they’re a diorama set. All 15 of these take place at the airport, and you will have to avoid security (OK, maybe not the TSA), to get your missions completed. A new type of guard, the new “high alert” guards, will make it more difficult for you to do so, since these are able to watch two lines simultaneously. Fortunately, the update also offers you a few new tools to circumvent these new obstacles.

There is now a “civilian mode”, which makes everyone treat you like some ordinary, innocent citizen and lets you avoid detection. That is, at least, until you take out your first victim. Automated walkways will instantly take you where you want to go. And finally, players can opt to “skip a turn” and by doing so lets Agent 47 watch an approaching target silently and stealthily.

This latest update to Hitman GO is available to players via two means. If you want to get it for free, you’ll have to finish at least 120 missions before you can access the new levels. If you’re a bit impatient, you can also make an in-app purchase of $0.99 to buy your way through. If you don’t care for what some consider to be a perversion of the Hitman franchise, you might prefer to wait for the Hitman Sniper game that was revealed last month but is yet to have any solid launch date.

Download: Hitman GO on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Square Enix