LG may be taking a break from making a Nexus phone with Google but Huawei, the new partner, is tipped to make it big this year by coming up with another one. The Nexus 6P isn’t exactly a perfect phone but it’s been receiving positive feedbacks. There’s still the problem of thermal throttling though and Huawei has yet to address that. But don’t worry, there’s always a solution to seemingly impossible problems. Thanks to genius XDA hackers and developers who are ready to share their knowledge.

A new mod that is said to reduce thermal throttling and improve cooling was recently published on an XDA forum by senior member Gorgtech. As with any mod, doing this to your phone will void any warranty. It’s one of those ‘AT YOUR OWN RISK’ activities that can improve your device but can also potentially compromise the system. The dev noted that this particular mod will open the device and may leave traces so perform only if you are brave enough and are willing to take a risk.

This isn’t just some software hack or update. You will actually have to open your Nexus 6P. Gorgtech noted the smartphone is a bit challenging to open but it’s possible. With the help of Aquatuning Germany, he was able to open the phone and put it back after doing some measures that can reduce the heat.

Usually, an ordinary hair dryer is used to heat the phone but it’s not enough for the Nexus 6P. The Heat Gun and the thermal paste provided greatly helped in achieving the goal. Alphacool HardTube Heat Gun Pro 2000W features three different heat levels–100°C, 450°C, and 600°C.

Here’s how you can improve cooling and greatly reduce thermal throttling:

• Prepare all the materials needed: Heat gun, rubbing alcohol, precision screwdriver set, razor blade or parts from a soda can, guitar pick or spudger, very thin guitar pick or chirurgical knife, thin plastic card, and thermal paste. Your best bet is to use the right mobile device repair kits.
• Open device by using the heat gun to soften the glue. Insert a thin razor blade between the visor glass and the aluminum case.
• Remove the visor glass. Be careful not to shatter the glass.
• Use the heat gun again for the lower plastic part but be careful not to warp the material.
• Remove all six(6) screws with precision screwdriver set.
• Remove screws of the motherboard and disconnect all connectors. You may remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and the front camera first.
• Get rid of the thermal paste by using cue tips dipped in rubbing alcohol. Also clean the closed container, back of the lid, and SoC.
• Attach the new thermal paste you want to use.
• Reassemble the device.

Watch the step-by-step instruction video below:

(Complete instructions are on XDA)



    • It’s a great phone. I’ve owned every Nexus and this is in the top 2, if not the best.

      Ignore this click bait nonsense.

  1. This is so stupid. There’s no heat issue with this phone. And even if it does get warm for some, who cares? You gonna risk breaking it and waste your life on this?

  2. Highly skeptical of the benefits of this. All it does is replace one type of thermal paste with another. It’s not like there is an air gap there that needs to be filled with paste. The risks of having to remove glued glass and plastic to do this are too great.

    • Absured article. I never had such problem with the 6P. However, if it should get real hot just put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and bingo. Now, remember that each smart phone has a mind of its known. I’ve heard that watching porn for more than an hour may get the device real HOT. So, be careful to monitor the lever of excitement in your phone. Lol

  3. Way to go. Promote this silliness. My 6P has become hot twice. Once while using it intensely with screen on 100% while charging. Second time when I forgot my charger and bought an overpriced airport usb-c solution – that nonstandard charger made it overheat and the charge didn’t hold.

    If people find XDA and find this mod, them so be it. But, there is absolutely no reason to promote it to the masses. 90% of the public couldn’t root their phone without blowing up XDA with a hundred questions, let alone take it apart and modify it.

    Be responsible and don’t be so desparate for a story to fill your click quota.

  4. This is a lot of horse manure. I have been using my 6P for over three months now, extensively and never had any heating problem. Same with my NEXUS 5. Never a problem in three years.

  5. Very informative article. And very well written I might add. Now I’m gonna try this while I’m sitting on my dildo that I lubed up with Icy Hot.


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