Earlier this July, HERE Maps brought Wikipedia Sights for Nearby feature. The Maps app is one of those few regularly updated and with the beta program for Android users, more people will be able to test out the future changes. To help strengthen things, the company decided to relaunch and be now known with a new name.

From HERE Maps, we’ll get to see HERE WeGo on the Play Store and soon, mobile devices. The app is getting another round of update. It will continue to be your ultimate urban mobility partner everywhere you go. The idea is that this improved app will offer personal and on-demand mobility.

Much of the information on HERE WeGo are widely available but with the app, you can quickly access whatever you need. You don’t have to switch apps or go out of HERE WeGo. Right then and there, you can “go” and access the information you need. Whether you’re walking, biking, riding a car or taxi, or carpooling, there are plenty of end-to-end options for your journey. This app is the only one you will ever need during travel.

HERE WeGo boasts of a number of useful features and services including cost and travel time estimates, live traffic updates in 55 countries, voice-guided and turn-by-turn drive and pedestrian navigation, and car-sharing options. You can also view nearby taxi stands and car parks should you want to travel a bit.

Apart from turn-by-turn navigation, this HERE WeGo app will integrate new modes of transportation so you can do more things from one location. HERE Maps is now focused on mobility options like the sea transportation especially in the city.

Download HERE WeGo from the Google Play Store