When you’re using your navigation app to go to an unfamiliar place, you probably also have Google or Wikipedia on hand to find out more about the place you’re going to or what are the interesting things in the periphery of your destination. But if you’re using HERE, you may not need to switch apps anymore as they are introducing Wikipedia Sights as part of their Nearby feature, along with the previously available Guide tours and Eat & Drink HERE.

Wikipedia is of course one of the most visited websites, especially when people want to know more about stuff (although since it’s crowd-sourced, not all information is 100% accurate). Now Wikipedia Sights is integrated into the Nearby feature of HERE maps. So when you’re in an unfamiliar area or you’re planning to explore the area around you, just pull up the Nearby button and choose the Wikipedia option. It will show you areas of interest around your location and a summary of the article from Wikipedia itself. If you want to know more about it, you can go to the actual Wiki page or already plan your route to go to the place that caught your attention.


HERE’s Nearby feature brings you easy access to interesting things that may be connected to your location or your destination. It also brings 3rd party content and data collection apps, just like the aforementioned Get Your Guide tours. The idea is to bring you as much information without having to leave the HERE app itself.


Nearby Wikipedia Sights will be rolling out gradually to HERE users. You don’t need to update the app to get it. Just wait for it to arrive to you so you can Wikipedia the heck out of your next road trip.