I don’t know about you guys but I’m constantly changing my widgets and live wallpapers on my Android devices. When we have all these different options to choose from why not right? Today we have a set of amazingly awesome and beautiful new widgets designed specifically for Android tablets. HD Widgets brings crisp, clear, and truly HD quality widgets to your homescreen and is available right now in the Android Market.

I went ahead and bought the app to give them a try and so far I love all the options and sizes available. Don’t mind the 110° weather I have here in Vegas today, it was like 114° earlier. Oh and in case you’re wondering what my awesome live wallpaper above is, you can get that here. Back to the widgets, here we have a few screenshots of HD Widgets by cloud.tv and if you’ve been looking for a nice new set of widgets for your Honeycomb tablet then look no further.

The photo above is a little extreme but that is just a small example of the hundreds of possible choices you have with HD Widgets. They offer so many sizes, color options, background choices, clock styles and colors and more that you will almost certainly find something you like. More will be added soon but with this initial release you get 13 widgets, including 3 over-sized large “tablet only” widgets which look great and span almost the entire length of a 10″ display. The rest are slightly smaller so you don’t have to use all that real estate if you don’t want to, but still want your widgets looking amazing and HD.

I’m sure you’re all excited to give these new widgets a try so be sure and head over to the market to download them by clicking here. For now they are only $0.99 cents as an introductory price so hurry and snag em while they’re hot. Click the photos below to see them in their full size glory.



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