Less than a year ago, Samsung acquired Harman, a known brand in audio and electronics. At CES 2018, these two companies showed what their partnership can bring – especially in the area of connected technologies for the automotive industry. Samsung and Harman showed off their new concepts for car solutions, and they look pretty good.

First up, Harman is boasting of their new Digital Cockpit, which brings an advanced and very ergonomic approach to the center console of your car. Imagine voice control, haptic feedback, and steering wheel controls all integrated with a bleeding edge internet-of-things approach to your car infotainment system.

And to bring everything together Samsung and Harman are spearheading a new 5G-capable telematics system for cars, capable of giving 1Gbps connectivity to all the instruments of your car. Harman and Samsung are set to deliver what they say is an industry first 5G-ready automotive solution, with a multi-band conformal antenna to enable secure, fast and reliable data communications.

All this will point to greater ease in driving, and hopefully in the future, fully autonomous driving vehicles. We will have to see in the coming months and years how this partnership will blossom, but it looks like Harman and Samsung are off to a good start at CES 2018.

SOURCE: Samsung


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