If you have the awesome new Google Nexus 7 tablet we have a nice professional looking case for you all today. From the popular case manufacturer DODOcase comes their unique HARDcover for the Nexus 7. These book-like hard cases offer multiple viewing angles, different color options, smart cover magnets to turn on the device, and even personalized engravings. Check it out after the break.

Now if you don’t own a Nexus 7 don’t worry because we have you covered. If you haven’t entered our massive Nexus 7 Giveaway yet you probably should, as today is the last day to enter. Once you win (or if you already have one) you’ll want to check out these cases from DODOcase. Below is more pictures and plenty of details.

The DODOcase HARDcover for the Nexus 7 comes in at a pretty penny costing $34.95, but you get what you pay for — and that is quality. I’ve owned their cases in the past and they surely build a good product. The Nexus 7 hard cover not only protects your tablet, but it also disguises it too. Those sneaky thieves will just think it’s a book and continue on their way. Using the magnet sensor inside the Nexus 7 the case also features the smart case option. When opening and closing the case the magnet will turn on/off your tablet. It is somewhat low profile, and the hardcase doubles as a stand providing two viewing angles as shown in the pictures below.

Overall these cases are rather impressive for the price, although surely you can find something cheaper although it won’t have DODO quality. For an extra $9 you can get it personalized, but sadly they only allow 3 letters. Once again today is the last day to enter our Nexus 7 giveaway linked to above, so hurry and get in on the action before it’s too late. Get the new DODOcase HARDcover for the Nexus 7 at the via link below.

[via DODOcase]